Thursday, March 20, 2008


Holy cow the PSU Sustainanomics over on my links list has all kinds of cool stuff on it! The accompanying blog has some really great tools that they talk about, like the Consumer Consequences Game. It takes the information you input and tells you how many "earths" it would take if everyone lived the way that you do. Lots of categories, suggestions and facts. It would take 3.1 earths if everyone lived like I do. My eating habits did me in (looking at the tags on my pants, I'm not surprised!). Try it out.


Trouble said...

My computer being a little slower than usual, I didn't get to check much of that out yet, sounds really interesting. I certainly wouldn't mind adding a few extra pounds on me. And I will. I'll check this out later and then come back and report in.

Phil said...

Yikes! My carbon footprint score was running at .9 until I got to the grocery department, at which time my score shot up to 1.5. Even though it's considerably lower than the average, it's still unacceptably high. There's no doubt in my mind that 6.6 billion people exceeds Earth's carrying capacity, but not to worry. BushCo is hard at work developing ways to depopulate the planet.

Oregonian37 said...

Sad but true.