Saturday, March 29, 2008

Earth Hour may BE symbolic...And?

I posted the Earth Hour video awhile back and plan to participate tonight. That is a personal choice that I've made because of what I believe in.
So I'm perusing the blogs, as I usually do, and I start seeing things like "Earth Hour..."I am sure global warming will continue be a very serious problem in need of serious responses at 9pm tonight, whatever becomes of this hour-long gimmick." and "I guess I should be pissed but I'm not. Hippies sitting inside, in the dark, are better than hippies outside waving signs."

First of all, I love that I've been branded a hippy by someone who's never met me. I also love the fact that people get pissed off at symbolic gestures because they are symbolic. It's SUPPOSED to be symbolic. I haven't seen anyone claim that Earth Hour will cure or fix global warming. It's an action that is supposed to be one of many actions. One author referenced above, talks about what they do everyday to cut global warming, and the other assumes that whomever participates in Earth Hour doesn't do anything the rest of the year. Well guess what? The vast majority of people who participate in these actions ARE the ones acting on it everyday. I don't drive, I recycle, I sit in the dark whenever I can and wrap up in a blanket to keep the heat low, I shop local, and my piss ant little student budget sometimes strains under the cost of the extra that I pay for renewable electricity. And guess what? I'm NOT a hippy, not even close.

What exactly is the point of belittling other people for taking action, no matter how small, simply because you are choosing not to? That's your choice that is allowed you. Why attack others for the same allowance? For those of you who choose to laugh at, judge, and demean others for taking some action that feels good to them, whether it's your cup of tea or not, get over yourselves.

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Trouble said...

I would like to say something if I may. I have known Oregonian37 for a while now, and hippy is the last thing I would think of her to be. She is one of the most decent,hard working, caring, and honest people I have ever known. (And A True Friend). And certainly dedicated to making the world a better place. I had my earth hour earlier in the day today,I figured because of where i'm located I would be the only one to do so. I also care about the world we live in, and would like to be a part of making sure it will still be here for the next generation. And NO, i'm not a hippy either. Why do we have to be put in a certain category just because of our beliefs? I don't understand that.

Diane J Standiford said...

People still use the word "hippie!?" Wow, I really am out of it. Hippies I've know in the 1960s-70s were decent and caring people, many college grads; so maybe it means something more negative today. REGARDLESS, indeed, anyone who picks at an effort to better life is sadly selfish, and pathetically pitiful.

Diane J Standiford said...

PS--Symbolic actions have changed the world and are often feared/hated for that very reason.

Diane J Standiford said...

PSS-Are you going to pick up your award? No problem if you don't want it on your site--just let me know and I'll bug ye no more.
Snow exoected in Seattle AGAIN today. All light bulbs enery efficient though. :-)