Monday, March 3, 2008

Initiative Filed to Repeal Domestic Partnerships

Don't EVER tell me that the Republican leadership in this state gives a damn about my rights as an Oregonian, or that they are any different from the national GOP. Stop insulting my intelligence.

I just received this alert from Basic Rights Oregon. It's not up on their website yet, as far as I can tell. Be assured that it will be shortly.

Basic Rights Oregon has learned that Oregon State Senator Fred Girod and State Rep. Sal Esquivel have filed an initiative to repeal Oregon's domestic partnership law. Outrageously, this time around the effort is being spearheaded by state legislators whose duty it is to protect Oregonians.

Complacency is not an option folks.

Update: BRO has it up now, with alot more detail.And here is the rest of it.


Phil said...

Don't these State Senators have anything better to do? Instead of working to deny a relatively small segment of society the rights of basic equality, they should be working on critical issues that affect everyone; the environment, economy, education, health care, infrastructure, and sustainability all come to mind. If repealing Oregon's domestic partnership law is the best they can do, it would be better to retire them and eliminate the positions they hold, thus saving the taxpayers some money.

wep601 said...

That is often one of my first questions "don't these folks have anything better to do?" Like attending to their own families as a part of their "family values" instead of devaluing and tearing down others--and teaching their children that it is "OK" to dehumanize and even abuse others who are different then they.

Lewis said...

How soon do you suppose I can high tail it to the Canadian border? Got my car all gassed up. Wanna go?

Oregonian37 said...

LOL...Don't tempt me!