Friday, May 9, 2008

WHY Rockin'

From WHY (World Hunger Year)

This year, Crosby, Stills, and Nash and Jackson Browne are asking concert goers to bring non-perishable food with them to help the community food banks and soup kitchens meet the increasing needs of hungry people in the United States. This is a normal scene at a show when Artists Against Hunger & Poverty has teamed up with a recording artist. AAHP is a program of WHY (World Hunger Year) that works with charities and artists at the grassroots level to connect local hunger and poverty charities with funds, food, and benefit tickets at local concerts.

In addition to encouraging donations (cans or monetary), artists can donate tickets to shows or autographed memorabilia to be auctioned off to help fight hunger. In 2005, Def Leppard fans exchanged food cans for tickets to a show in Boston. Both Michael McDonald and Chicago donated VIP passes for meet-and-greets for the entire tour. Often artists will promote the charities onstage or in interviews and encourage their fans to join them in supporting these efforts. Crosby, Stills, and Nash are hosting food drives and donating premium tickets for their upcoming tour to help in the fight against hunger. WHY's partners this year, CSN and Jackson Browne, share a long lineage of fighting social injustice and poverty through their lyrics and actions making this the perfect match.

Now let's see Hannah and Justin step up.

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brenda said...

I cant think of a better reason to have a concert that to do it to fight against hunger. I think it should be more than a yearly event. But I guess there are other involved in donating to food banks through-out the year. I do hope it's a huge success.