Saturday, May 3, 2008

Collateral Damage

Collateral damage is a non-descript term used for civilians killed and property destroyed that are not the specific target of an attack. Tends to take the humanity out of things (woudn't want that mucking things up you see).

I don't really do posts or write about Iraq, mostly because it ticks me off too much. There was a bombing in Iraq today.

The U.S. military on Saturday fired missiles at a target about 50 yards away from the general hospital in Baghdad's Sadr City district, wounding more than 20 people and destroying ambulances, hospital officials said

A poster on Kos has this to say:

Of course, the military was aiming at a building occupied by "a criminal element," and by all accounts that building was destroyed. The building happened to be a chapel used by the hospital workers.

But does it matter that there was no intent to hurt civilians?

This kind of incident certainly isn't new. It's hardly even news. Air strikes in this conflict have by now taken out weddings and schools, convoys of government officials on their way to a conference, and a countless individuals that just happened to live in the wrong neighborhood. Of course it's accidental. of course it's regrettable. But if it was your family, would that matter? Would it matter if your children?

One of these days, all of those supporters of this war will be called to account and asked this question. I wonder how they will answer.

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Anonymous said...

You Iraq war sidebar widget is STAGGERING! And I do hope that the Iraq war supporters will be called into account one day. Meanwhile, we lovingly try to help our veterans put their lives back together when they come back home.

Trouble said...

I can't wait to see the supporters of the war accountable. And i'm sure there are many of them. I will never understand the lack of value those people put on human life. Seems like this war has gone on forever. Some would obviously like to see it go on for many years to come, I dont feel like we're obligated permanently be in Iraq. Our troops need to come home to their famolies.