Thursday, May 22, 2008

Jeff Cogen on Urban Renewal

You know, I didn't vote for Cogen in '06, but that's mostly because I knew more about Lew Frederick (a great guy). However, I have been really impressed with Jeff in the time that he has been on the Multnomah County Commission. He reminds me alot of Amanda Fritz, in terms of how approachable he is, and how much effort he makes to ensure that citizens are aware of issues, and involved in what gets decided in our county.

Jeff has now produced a (short)video on urban renewal, how it impacts us, and why we should care. It's a really complicated issue that he makes really accessible. Good job.

And here is the rest of it.

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Nolan said...

This may seem "accessible," but it is truly demagoguery. Rather than clarify, he has drawn comparisons that create black and white distinctions where they do not exist. To solve this problem, we need an honest debate, not robin hood analogies. I could just as easily say that the Lents Urban Renewal takes money from rich neighborhoods and gives to poor neighborhoods, but that too would be an oversimplification. Jeff is not educating the public at all.