Sunday, January 20, 2008

Homeless veterans, take 2..or 3..or 4.....

It's this kind of thing that really angers me. Mostly because I know that, in a few years, the "support our troops" booster club will undoubtedly be among the chorus of "why can't those homeless bums get a job and pull their own weight?" that never seems to learn from its own history. O'Reilly be damned, we have another generation of homeless vets and how we deal with that, as a country and a people will be really indicative of who we are.

And here is the rest of it.

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Trouble said...

The Government complains that we dont support the troops, which is a mind game to make people think that if we dont support the war, then we dont support the troops. They need the most support when they come home disabled, or when they retire. Thats when the Government loses interest in them. And when they become homeless its as if they never existed. These people were there for us, Its time to give back to them, and the Government needs to do their part to make sure they get what they need to live a life that they deserve.