Thursday, January 24, 2008

FISA Filibuster

Well, that was a nice break. Now we are here all over again. Dodd has pledged to filibuster (which could begin as early as tonight) the current version of the FISA bill, that allows retroactive immunity for the telecommunications industry for helping the administration to illegally wiretap us. The Republicans are trying to force cloture, which affects how many votes would be neccessary to approve or deny the amendments that will be debated. It is in the amendments that the retroactive immunity is cut out of the bill.

Jeff Merkley, Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate has posted a petition that he will deliver to both Ron Wyden and Gordon Smith calling on them to support the filibuster and defend our civil liberties. Whether you support Merkley or not, sign the petition. I know that Steve Novick , also a Democratic candidate for U. S. Senate, opposes the immunity. Let's hope he raises his voice too. Wyden was one of the senators that stood up with Chris Dodd last month and we need him to do it again. Smith is working overtime to try and bulk up his credentials as a moderate Republican who reflects Oregon's values. Remind him that our liberties ARE our values.And here is the rest of it.

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