Monday, January 21, 2008

Cheney Impeachment investigation gaining traction?

I hope so. There are currently nine members (all Dems) of the House Judiciary Committee (The committee has 23 members total) supporting an investigation into articles of impeachment against Cheney. That's six more than I was aware of. Chair Conyers (D) hasn't signed onto an investigation. The investigation won't go anywhere until he does. I would suspect that he is getting it from both sides-his colleagues and friends on the committee to move forward on one side, and Pelosi on the other side clamping down on any movement. Let's hope the numbers build and the House leadership won't be able to stall this anymore.And here is the rest of it.


Trouble said...

When Nancy Pelosi first became Speaker Of The House I thought she would make a difference, obviously I was wrong. I believe Cheney should have already been impeached. I understand Congressman Conyers is under pressure from both sides, but I hope he makes the right decision, and does it soon. Lets hope so anyway.

Phil said...

The House Judiciary Committee should have begun impeachment proceedings against Cheney (and Bush) four years ago. They're still waffling on this; by the time they get around to it, Cheney will be out of office and it will be too late for impeachment. Oh well, there's always indictment, and that would probably be a much better use of the Committee's time.

Oregonian37 said...

I definitely agree that proceedings should have been started a long time ago. I think that it will be too late to throw Cheney out of office, but he can still be impeached (even after can Bush), which affects his future reach, and can definitely be indicted on a multitude of charges. A little part of the back of my brain wouldn't be surprised if there is some thought along those lines behind the scenes. Who knows.