Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Wexler signs on for Impeachment

Congressman Robert Wexler sent out this email:

Date: Tue, 10 Jun 2008 16:28:43 -0400
Subject: Wexler Co-Sponsors First Bush Articles of Impeachment

Our effort to hold the Bush/Cheney Administration accountable has taken another dramatic step forward. Last night, Congressman Dennis Kucinich introduced the first Articles of Impeachment ever to be introduced against President Bush. It includes, in total, thirty-five Articles detailing this Administration's blatant abuse of power. Today, I enthusiastically co-sponsored this vitally important bill.
I am grateful for Dennis' leadership on this issue and for the steadfast support that countless Americans have given to both of our efforts to redeem our government and expose the crimes of Bush and Cheney.
I will now expand my efforts to secure impeachment hearings in the Judiciary Committee for these new Articles of Impeachment against President George W. Bush.
Many of the charges against President Bush are well known – and would shock the conscience of everyday Americans if only the national media would be willing to report on these stark facts.
The Articles present a stunning narrative of offenses that have go well beyond previous crimes committed by any US chief executive. In fact no President or Vice President in history has done more to undermine our constitution.
These charges are broad, with 35 separate allegations including the deliberate lies regarding WMDs that led us to war and the approval of illegal wiretapping of American citizens. The Articles also include new allegations of high crimes – including the explicit approval for high Administration officials to violate treaties and US law banning the use of torture.
The Democratic Party gained a majority in the House and Senate due in large part to our promises to end the corruption of the Republican majority and to hold the Administration accountable to the law. This courageous bill is a crucial step towards fulfilling this promise, but – like the Articles against Cheney – they require your support to convince Democrats and open-minded Republicans to support this bold but necessary action.
Time is running out so we must work together to spread the message and apply pressure.
First, please encourage your friends and family members to sign up at – as it will allow us to keep in touch with you and speak to a wider audience. If you haven't yet put in your phone and address, please sign up again, as we will be doing telephone town halls in the near future.
Second, call your representative and urge them to support Impeachment hearings.
Finally, contact newspapers, news stations, and your favorite bloggers and urge them to report on this movement. We need to keep Impeachment a significant news story until the Democratic leadership sees the value in it.
McClellan Agrees to Testify:
I was pleased to inform you yesterday that Judiciary Committee Chairman Conyers met my call to have Former White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan testify under oath. I am thrilled to inform you that McClellan has agreed to testify on June 20th at 10AM. This will be the first step in what we hope will be ongoing and deepening examinations of the stark evidence and charges against both President Bush and Vice President Cheney.
Thank you for your continued passion and advocacy. Your support means so much to me.
Congressman Robert Wexler

I know my rep (Blumenauer) hasn't been supportive of pursuing impeachment, for a variety of reasons, but he will keep hearing from me anyhow.And here is the rest of it.


: JustaDog said...

Considering how the Democrats are

screwing up the economy

forcing oil companies to buy from OPEC instead of getting our own oil

forcing Americans to pay for 3rd world country problems

creating a bigger government with bigger oppression

I say impeach all Progressive Democrats.

Oregonian37 said...

I'm tellin ya, I can't tell you how proud it makes me to know I am actually attracting my very own trolls!:)

Anonymous said...

AH!!!! Could it happen? Could good 'ol "W" actually get impeached? Sounds like a good idea to me-- but I am not political genius. :)

Jackson Howa said...

Wu keeps hearing from me asking to support impeachment too. This is an important issue!

P.S. Aren't trolls fun!

Jackson Howa said...

Oh hey! that's the same dude that trolled my site! Sweet! We're troll buddies!

Oregonian37 said...

Trolls=blog success:)

Phil said...

Everyone should have a personal troll; they make faithful,if annoying, pets.

That "dog" wants to impeach Progressive Democrats demonstrates how far out of touch he is with the realities of world events. But then, blaming Democrats for Republican failures is a typical Republican ploy.

Mainstream media has been strangely silent on the issue raised by Kucinich's Articles of Impeachment. Network and cable news channels and most print media (including The Oregonian) seem to have missed a golden opportunity to scoop the biggest news story of the year. Fortunately, we have our own Oregonian37 and AlterNet, et al., to keep us in the loop.

Oregonian37 said...

Thanks Phil. I'm not surprised by anything that the mainstream media does (or to be more accurate..doesn't do anymore. If the Oregonian's declining subscription base is any indication, neither are alot of other people.

As for pets, I think I'll just keep my bunny.:)

brenda said...

Democrats screwing up the economy?..Who is in office, and has been throwing money away like it belonged to him? There's your screwed up econony, and last time I checked he is still Republican. But like alway's they need to blame someone, and BIG surprise, it's alway's the Democrats getting the blame.Your trolls nic fits well.