Friday, June 6, 2008

McCain called out

I promise not to make every post about McCain, but I just can't pass up opportunities to notice when he works so hard to to be called out!

From Firedoglake:

During a press conference today in Louisiana, Senator McCain was asked why he twice voted against creating a commission to investigate the government's response to Hurricane Katrina. McCain responded, "I have supported every investigation and ways of finding out what caused the tragedy." However, Senator McCain has voted against such measures on multiple occasions. In response, Obama campaign spokesman Hari Sevugan issued the following statement:

"Whether he simply wasn't aware of his voting record again or he was intentionally misleading the people of Louisiana, John McCain certainly isn't offering us 'leadership you can believe in.'"


McCain Repeatedly Voted Against Establishing A Commission To Study The Response To Hurricane Katrina. In 2005 and 2006, McCain voted against proposals to establish a Congressional commission to examine the Federal, State, and local government response to Hurricane Katrina in U.S. Gulf Region. Both proposals were sponsored by Senator Clinton. [S. Amdt. 2716, Senate Vote 6, 2/2/06; S. Amdt. 1660, Senate Vote 229, 9/14/05]

The article goes on to talk about what the impact will be if Obama's campaign continues to call McCain out on his BS. Suffice to say, McCain isn't looking so pretty.And here is the rest of it.


Anonymous said...

All I know is McCain scares me! I cannot even tell you what it would mean for him to end up elected to our Country! I hope not!!!

Diane J Standiford said...

Promises are made to be broken...desperate times call for..