Monday, September 29, 2008

Trans Citizens putting their money where their Obama support is

Oregon Stonewall Democrats is one of several organizations, and major blogging sites, galvanizing financial support for Obama, from the trans community.

According to Laura Calvo:

Trans Bloggers and the trans community can see a whole lot of folks who believe in the hope of a better future for ALL Americans. We can see whole lot of folks who believe in the change we need to have in the way ALL Americans are treated equally and with respect, regardless of who they are.

We can see a whole lot of people coming together to bring the hope and change to put America back on track as a world leader and who believe we can do it!

With the partnership of National Stonewall Democrats, Transgender Americans and their allies have launched a
fundraising drive to help elect Barack Obama. People all across America are encouraged to go to the secure contribuiton page to help elect Obama. Contributions made on the secure Act Blue page go directly to the Obama campaign. But just as important your contribution helps to bring attention to the voice of trans Americans in fighting for the equal and basic rights for all Americans.

Make no mistake, there is a hell of alot riding on this election. We cannot AFFORD a McCain presidency. Obama has shown his commitment to equality and to working for everyone. The choice is simple.

And here is the rest of it.


Laura Calvo said...

As of almost midnight the contributions page is just $54 short of the $11,000.00 mark! Woo hoo!

Jon Hoadley said...

Congrats and thanks for posting! Keep it up! We're really close to hitting our next goal of 261!

Diane J Standiford said...

Obama is the best chance we have. The goal will be met.