Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The press, Merkley, and the truth

One of the questions that a reporter asked Governor Roberts yesterday at the Jeff Merkley press conference was how could we reach those people who didn't know the truth. Her answer? The press itself holds the key to that. The facts are out there and easy to find. Don't spin them, report them. One of the stations last night ran a piece on the press conference and they ended it by saying that Merkley voted against the bill that the Governor signed, without any mention of the fact that the current statute of limitations, signed into law, is the one that Merkley voted for, not against. I wrote about that yesterday, so I won't repeat myself.

It just really irks the crud out of me when the press sits there and asks how we can get the truth out there, and then refuses to do it, instead spinning for drama. Why ask the question if you don't really care? I know they don't think we are stupid enough to believe that they are doing their job by asking that question, and then nothing more.

Anyhow, Kristi Gustafson, an Oregon police officer, is speaking out against the untruths fostered by Smith's campaign, and by default, Smith himself.

She says:

Smith's lies are despicable, and the truth is the exact opposite: Jeff Merkley supports mandatory life imprisonment for serial sex offenders and he voted to double the statute of limitations for sex crimes.

Jeff Merkley is a devoted husband and the father of two young children. Protecting them and keeping Oregon's families safe has always been his first priority. To say otherwise is flat-out wrong.

And here is the rest of it.

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Chuck Butcher said...

When, like McCain and Smith, you got nothing, you go with this crap.