Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Loren Parks-MIA

LMAO. Ok, I know this isn't a laughing matter. Parks and Sizemore have made a mockery of Oregon's initiative system. Even so, I had to laugh.

From Our Oregon:

Loren Parks: Wanted For Questioning
Nevada millionaire apparently evading questions about role in Sizemore contempt case

Oregon—On Thursday, October 2, a Multnomah County Court will once more hear evidence against initiative racketeer Bill Sizemore, who is facing contempt of court charges for violating a court injunction against him.

Sizemore is believed to have set up a sham charity in Nevada to collect money for political purposes, hiding the source of his funders and getting around a 2002 court injunction against engaging in such activity.

At the center of those charges is Loren Parks, the Nevada multi-millionaire who has bankrolled ballot initiative efforts from Sizemore and Kevin Mannix. Parks is believed to be involved in the funding for the American Tax Research Foundation, which appears to be sending money to Sizemore.

For weeks, attorneys have been attempting to depose Parks to determine his relationship to the case, but he's apparently gone missing. Process servers have been unable to find him at his Nevada home, and newspapers have been piling up on his porch.

Curiously, even though he's been unable to answer his front door, Parks has still been able to send large checks to ballot measure efforts, including a $500,000 check to Mannix's ballot measure committee on September 15. Parks bankrolled the efforts to qualify six of this year's ballot measures from Sizemore and Mannix.

Despite Parks' evasion of questioning in the Sizemore contempt case, the hearing will go on as scheduled—October 2-3 in the courtroom of Judge Janice Wilson.
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David McDonald said...

Looks like Sizemore is up the river without a paddle. That's a good thing!

I can't bring myself to read the O since they sent out those dumb-assed DVDs on Sunday.

Diane J Standiford said...

You can't make it up.

Chuck Butcher said...

Some things just leave a person with a blank look on their face. This is one of them. If you can't defend your activities how do you expect to be taken seriously?