Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Women's Healthcare under fire

I've read this in several places, but this message from the Merkley campaign puts it together, with an action to take.

The Bush Administration is trying to roll back a woman's right to choose. And they're doing it under the radar, hoping no one will notice.

As the New York Times just reported, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) wants to force hospitals and clinics to consider hiring applicants who object to providing the full range of reproductive options to women. The proposed rule change would redefine abortion to include the most common and effective methods of birth control, including oral contraceptives and emergency contraception. As a result, contraceptive services would likely become much less available.

Bush would deny critical HHS funding to any health care institution that refuses to abide by the new rule. This is the last thing the Bush Administration should be doing when so many Americans are struggling to afford health care.

Sign a petition to oppose George Bush's efforts to roll back a woman's right to choose and deny access to health care.

George Bush wants to allow individuals with personal and political agendas to influence the information women receive from their health care providers.

It is vital that women be empowered to make fully-informed decisions about their health care. This means giving them complete, accurate information regarding their health care options.

The president should be fighting to expand access to basic health care and provide more information to women, not limit it.

Please sign a petition to protect access to health care by urging President Bush to put the health of women before his partisan ideology.

For nearly a decade, George Bush and Republicans in Washington D.C. have tried to force their conservative agenda on the American people. Now, within months of electing a Democratic president, the Bush Administration is considering a parting gift to extreme right-wing special interests.

People in Oregon and across the country must make their voices heard and leaders in Congress must speak out. George Bush and the extreme right-wing have controlled the agenda for far too long and it is time we protect basic health care rights in this country.

It's not what you see in the news about what this administration is doing that should scare you. It's the things you DON'T see.
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brenda said...

There are times I dont reply to things because I get too angry and I cant say what i'm actually thinking. I'll bet the Bush administration does a lot of things under the radar. Women dont sit back and take all the bull like they did years ago, they fight for they're rights, and what they believe in. I'm pretty sure Bush is trying to see how much damage he can do before he's out of office, enough damage to linger for years. We (ALL) have rights, lets make sure their not taken from us.