Thursday, July 17, 2008

Oregon HEAT Introduces Innovative Statewide Oil Program

Well this looks pretty cool, particularly with the expected increases in natural gas prices this winter.

Revolutionary New Program Helps Needy Families and the Environment through Recycling.

Partnering with the environmental award-winning oil recycler, Oil Re-Refining Company, Oregon HEAT is ramping up a new and different kind of statewide oil donation program. This endeavor will help ease the burden on low-income Oregonians who face volatile heating oil prices, all while reducing petroleum waste products in Oregon. The oil program also helps Oregon HEAT and its partners reach more at-risk families and expand service to new areas of Oregon.

Here's how the program works:

- Homeowners decommissioning their oil tanks can donate their remaining home-heating oil to help people in their community with their emergency energy needs. Just call Oregon HEAT at 503-612-3790. Oregon HEAT will contact ORRCO and ORRCO will make arrangements with the donor for oil pickup.

- Businesses and industries that generate contaminated petroleum products, like dirty fuels and crankcase oil, can donate to Oregon HEAT by having these products recycled. Again, they need only call Oregon HEAT who will then pass on the data to ORRCO. ORRCO will set up regular scheduled pickups. The products are recycled, the businesses help their neighbors in need, and all of Oregon wins.

The cornerstones of these dual programs are neighbor helping neighbor and neighbors helping preserve Oregon's natural environment. Donations go to assist local families facing a home-heating crisis - all fuels donated are used to help households in the community from which the donation came. Energy assistance to eligible households is then distributed by Oregon HEAT's community action and social service agency partners around the state.

In just its first 50 days, the program has received pledges of nearly 5,000 gallons worth upwards of some $10,000. Rees says that's just the tip of the iceberg, noting that heat's already been contacted by leaders from other states who want to model Oregon HEAT's new program in their own communities.

It's easy to donate. Just call or email Oregon HEAT and staff will contact ORRCO to arrange for pick up: 503-612-3790 or

About Oregon HEAT

Oregon HEAT is an independent nonprofit organization founded in 1989 to help low-income Oregonians become more energy self-reliant. In partnership with community agencies throughout the state, Oregon HEAT provides energy assistance and advocates access to energy resources for low-income Oregonians. Oregon HEAT's primary program objective is to prevent disconnection of utility service by providing bill payment assistance to low-income households in emergency situations.

To donate to, or learn more about, Oregon HEAT: visit; call: 503-612-3790; or write to Oregon HEAT, PO Box 127, Tualatin, Ore. 97062.


Bill Briggs, founder and President of Oil Re-Refining Company established this Oregon-based company over 20 years ago. A family owned company with internationally recognized petroleum recycling expertise, Oil Re-Refining Company is leading the industry with new technology and award winning environmental processes.
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