Sunday, April 13, 2008

Witch Hunts

I've read enough about the Salem Witch Trials, and other trials of that period to know that they happened, that the vast majority of those killed were women, and that they were overwhelmingly innocent of any charges.

There is a family in Connecticut, working to
exonerate their ancestor, Mary Sanford, who was executed in 1662, for dancing around a bonfire and drinking wine. Her husband, also charged, was later acquitted.

Other than the sheer insanity of that whole period, what impressed me about the story, is the 14-year old descendent of Mary, Addie, who is working with her mom on this. Evidently, there are dimwits who have chosen to mock them for standing up for their family. To this, Addie responds:

“There are worse things than mockery, now, I’m not afraid to stand up when I see something wrong.”


“I’ve discovered myself by honoring Mary.”

Very nice.

And here is the rest of it.


Phil said...

Very nice, indeed. Sad to say that 21st-century religious bigotry is little different than 17th-century religious bigotry. Both are driven by fear, hatred, collective insanity, mass hysteria, self-righteousness, and profound ignorance. How ironic is it that organized religion provides the best evidence as to why organized religion ought to be dismantled and abandoned?

Diane J Standiford said...

Round and round we go...