Saturday, April 5, 2008

Sean Cruz, Senate District 23

It has been several months since I talked about who I endorse for various positions, mainly because I am volunteering on a campaign and find it less complicated and stressful to remain in the background for now. My earlier positions haven't changed, I just don't publically harp on them.

One of the first candidates I spoke about was Sean Cruz, who is running to replace Avel Gordly (who is retiring), in the Oregon Senate, District 23. My initial support for Cruz was based on his connection to Gordly, whom I hold in extremely high regard. Then I began to read what he has to say and about positions that he holds. After that, his candidacy stood on its own for me. Aside from the fact that he has long-term, direct, SUCCESSFUL experience as a part of the office that he wants to now hold, Sean Cruz has a heart and passion for public service that I haven't seen in a really long time, not even many others that I support.
Here is an sample from a post he has written as to why he isn't in the Voter's Pamphlet (you gotta read the whole thing):

Oregon’s legislative candidates seem to be taking the position that the war is a federal issue, no room on the campaign literature for a single four-letter word: Iraq.

That is not my position. The direct costs of the war and its indirect costs bleed the nation of the resources we need to solve our many problems here, and that is no secret to anyone.

This must be part of the discussion in every political race at all levels. We must puncture the bubble.

I am not in the voter’s pamphlet for the May 20 primary.

What this means for my campaign to succeed Avel Gordly in the Oregon Senate will be the subject of several future postings.

It is not in itself a fatal complication, but it certainly gives my advantage-rich opponent yet another advantage.

Success in this race will double-underscore the fact that this campaign is driven by ordinary citizens, and not by special interests.

Success in this race will depend on being right on the right issues, and being the right person to deal with them.

It is April now. The hell of March is past. I have regained my focus. It is all too clear how important this race is.

600,000 Oregonians lack affordable health care, suffer prescription anxiety, worry about what will happen to them as they age.

They need an Oregon Senator in Senate District 23 who will work hands-on on these issues.

Oregon’s population of 300,000 veterans and their families is grossly underserved and under-represented in the state legislature, where there is no Senate Veterans Affairs Committee.

They need a passionate advocate who will bring great focus to their issues, working jointly with the House on a new Senate Veterans Affairs Committee.

I will give you four years of my life, devoted to this work.

I'm not even eligible to vote for this man because I don't live in his district. Right now I wish that I did.

And here is the rest of it.

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