Saturday, November 17, 2007

John Kroger-Democrat for Attorney General

One of the great benefits of getting involved on some level with party politics is that candidates come to you, to speak and present themselves. I've ben fortunate enough to hear both John Kroger and Greg Macpherson speak at monthly Multnomah Democratic Caucus meetings and compare them both. While I was put off by several things that Macpherson said, I concentrated on the actual content of each candidate's prsentation. I have to say that for me, the choice was clear. I strongly support John Kroger for Attorney General of Oregon. I support him for several reasons. First and foremost, his agenda is very much based on protecting and defending the rights of all Oregonians. He has a whole picture outlook about law enforcement that includes not only aggressive action around addiction-related crime, but a strong prevention and core-cause component, as well. He also applies this view to aggressively going after corporate toxic waste dumping, instead of allowing them to continue with their less-than-above board practices.

This is a list of priorities, including the above-mentioned, that are posted on his campaign site:

*Fight meth aggressively, with more effective enforcement and a new plan for drug treatment.
*Hold every polluter responsible for the damage they cause to our health and our environment.
*Ensure that every single parent in the state gets the child support to which they are entitled.
*Protect consumers and retirees from scam-artists and crooked companies.
*Defend civil rights, a woman’s right to choose, and the rights of Oregon crime victims.

I know that Greg Macpherson has some solid backing and is a great legislator, but when I listened to both candidates and put what their priorities are and how they would address the Attorney General position, John Kroger is simply the more aggressive, energetic and plan-specific of the two. I believe that he would make the better, and stronger, Attorney General.
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