Friday, November 2, 2007

FundRace 2008

The Huffington Post has an interesting page that I've just now had the opportunity to play around with. It's all about who is donating to who, except you can specify who you want to see. You can even find out who your favorite celebrities are giving to, and how much. While this is a fun and exciting thing to know(!) I'm more interested in seeing who corporate employees are giving to. For example, according to the site, employees at Microsoft have given $25,488 to Republicans and $80,064 to Democrats. It even lists each donor and what their position is.

Huffington bills the tool as a way to see if your favorite celeb or boss is "playing both sides of the fence", and before you start wondering at the cheapness of some of the richest people in the country, remember there are limits on giving. Of course, the contributions of the mega top dogs are not listed, but it is kind of interesting to wonder at the political culture of certain companies.

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