Monday, October 8, 2007

Bush Far From a Lame-Duck

While so much time and attention is being focused (and rightly so) on the damage that the Bush administration could still do in the international arena, here is a perfect example of the equally devastating decisions being made right here at home.
According to the
Sierra Club,

The Bush Administration has announced shocking new plans to significantly increase logging on 2.6 million acres of public land in western Oregon by clearcutting old-growth forests and reducing protections for salmon-bearing creeks and streams. Rising out of an agreement between the timber industry and the Bush Administration, the Bureau of Land Management's 'Western Oregon Plan Revision' is the gravest threat to Oregon's ancient forests in years.
The draft Western Oregon Plan Revision (WOPR), a new plan for 2.6 million acres of public forests managed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), will mean the loss of ancient forests from the northern Willamette Valley to southern Oregon's Siskiyou Mountains.

The Bureau of Land Management is taking public comments on this plan until November 9th. Everyone of us should have concerns about this plan, whether from a property owner, global warming, or simply a fan of scenary standpoint.
LoadedOrygun has some excellent links and resources for contacting our congressional delegation, as well as the governor's office. And don't forget to get into Smith's ear on this one. I think once and for all we are going to find out whether he has Oregon's best interests, or playing footsy with the administration at the top of his priority list.


Trouble said...

I understand that logging is necessary, but only to an extent. National Forest provide important services, obviously which some take for granted. Forest ecosystems recycle nutrients, wastes and produce soil. They play a vital role in mitigating changes in our global climate. Logging does NOT improve forest health, it destroys habitat for plants and wildlife.Logging also destroys water quality , it puts large ammounts of sediment into watershed streams and lakes. So before the President decides to increase logging, I believe he should be more educated before taking action on something this serious.

Oregonian37 said...

Unfortunately with this crew it isn't so much about being educated on these things. It's that they don't care. Their egos and greed have taken them beyond the point of intelligent decision-making.