Saturday, October 6, 2007

Amanda Fritz running for Sam's spot

Sam Adams threw his hat into the race for Portland's mayor this week. I like Sam. I don't neccessarily agree with his every decision, but I like him and how he works. What I really like about Sam running for mayor, is that Amanda Fritz declared her candidacy for his seat this week, as well. Fritz is one of those caring and involved citizens that Portland's Public Campaign Financing is supposed to attract and open doors to. I'm really glad it did. I remember being impressed with her during the 2006 race, and my respect for her was only reinforced when she participated in a panel for the NEW Leadership Oregon program this last June. Fritz has, and has had, her own blog that has been a fantastic way to really hear from her and know where she stands on all of the issues that Portland contends with. If you want to get to know a candidate and really know where they stand on the issues important to you, getting to know Fritz' blog is the perfect opportunity.
She loves the Northwest region, and it shows. She researches the issues, pays attention to the decisions being made in our name, and is not at all afraid to go to bat for what is in the best interesst of ALL of Portland's citizens. Most of all, she makes a concerted effort to involve fellow Portlanders in ongoing discussions about where we want our city to go, and she doesn't do it by using insider-speak. Even though she may be intimately familiar with the ins and outs of an issue, and all its inherent technicalities, she makes a point of speaking in everyday language, without being condescending. She is approachable and open-minded, and above all, she has the kind of integrity that we need leading this city.
As I said at the outset, I like Sam Adams and I really like that Amanda will be there to keep him, and the others, grounded. No matter how talented or able an office-holder may be, they can all benefit from some grounding.

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Trouble said...

Its nice knowing there's someone running for public office that you can trust, and know they're working for what the public wants for their community. It's hard to find honesty in any office these days. although I believe there is more honesty now than there has been. people are more concerned about whats going on in the world now, which is understandable.