Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Oregon Food Bank Needs Our Help

The Oregonian ( ran a piece a couple of days ago, that Andrew over at BlueOregon brought to our attention. According to Rachel Bristol, chief executive officer,

"The entire statewide Oregon Food Bank network of regional food
banks and the 900 local agencies we serve throughout Oregon
and Southwest Washington are feeling the impact."

According to the article, the OFB has less than half its normal weekly supply of food stuffs, and their freezers, which normally hold back up foods, are empty. Going into the holiday season, when there is normally a sharp spike in the need for food, this is frightening. A substantial drop in product from the USDA combined with consistent increases in demand from struggling families is resulting in an emergency situation. Even with its fund-raising and normal outreach, for the OFB to put out a specific call for help to the public says something, because it is a rare occurrence. They are asking for help from us. Show your gratitude for what you have and do what you can.

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