Wednesday, February 6, 2008

FISA Fight...Can the Repubs ever NOT Lie?

I realise that politicians of all stripes and colors fib and distort, but how the heck did we ever allow the Republican party (the current incarnation) to get so comfortable lying to us and distorting the facts? I REALLY hate having my intelligence insulted.

Daily Kos has an excellent write-up on all of current
amendments fight.

I like Feingold more and more.
Here is Feingold calling Senate Republicans on their crap.

I mean really..who is it exactly that is still falling for the fear-mongering? And why do they keep getting away with it?And here is the rest of it.


trouble said...

The sad thing is, there are people who are naive enough to believe the Republican lies. I'm afraid if we dont change the way our country is run, it will change us, and not in a good way. We do have a choice, and a voice. Lets make it count!!

Phil said...

If it weren't for lies, the Republican Party would have absolutely nothing to say.