Friday, February 1, 2008

Equality is fair..and now its LEGAL!

Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just got home and in checking headlines I see this. Wow...I knew that it would eventually happen, but I was not expecting a Bush appointee to make such a quick decision. It tells me that the state made a great case (along with BRO) for the fairness and validity of Oregon's initiative system. I'm not naive enough to think that Judge Michael Mosman had an epiphany about what equal rights means, but he evidently knows that those outside interests overstepped their authority in their challenge. I'm relieved that he did not set the precedent of a petition signature equalling a vote. That would have been messy and just plain wrong. I don't have alot more to add to this other than the YEEHAW dance I'm doing right now!And here is the rest of it.


Phil said...

Equality under the law--without regard to race, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, or social standing (among other things)--is conducive to a peaceful society. Civil unions for Oregon's gay/lesbian population is a huge step toward equality for all, but it doesn't go quite far enough. Unfortunately, getting the federal government to play along is going to be a little more difficult.

Oregonian37 said...

I agree. Unfortunately I think we are still well out from real equality being a reality at the federal level, particularly for sexual orientation. The legal infrastructure is in place for equality for the other groups that you mentioned. It's the evolved embrace of diversity by alot of folks that is missing; that commitment to real equality, without restrictions or categories that will allow us to be who we are and be equal before the law.