Monday, February 28, 2011

Campaign for Stronger Democracy

"The Campaign for Stronger Democracy is a new coalition that emerged from a series of convenings to encourage greater collaboration among democracy reformers, called Strengthening Our Nation’s Democracy. The meetings were convened by AmericaSpeaks, Demos, Everyday Democracy and faculty from Harvard’s Ash Center for Democratic Innovation and Governance."

We don't even have to wait for them to go after everyone else. They are ALREADY coming after us. You know the main reason why all those times in the past when "our very democracy are under attack" end up seeming like overblown hysteria? Because during those times, someone somewhere made a stand and said "hands off my democracy!" And those who would deny us and take away the democracy under which we live (republic form or otherwise) knew they had better back down or else face a full-on revolution. Now is no different.  WE are the ones who must back them down now

And here is the rest of it.

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