Friday, June 19, 2009

Ballpark in Lents

I just received this email update:

ROSE CDC Executive Director, Nick Sauvie shares the story and says it best:

"At 12:30 pm today [June 19th], prior to entering a meeting with Mayor Adams, I learned that Mr. Paulson had withdrawn his proposal to use urban renewal funds to build a minor league baseball stadium in Lents Park. The reason cited was non-support from the neighborhood. According to OPB, Commissioner [Randy] Leonard has withdrawn his support for MLS soccer in Portland and [Merritt] Paulson is not interested in alternative sites in Lents, [or] less reliance on Lents urban renewal funds. Thanks to everyone who worked so diligently on this campaign including allies at the Oregon Opportunity Network, Community Alliance of Tenants, Coalition for a Livable Future, League of Women Voters and the awesome Friends of Lents Park.

"I know that the many people who supported the stadium in Lents Park sincerely believed that the proposal would have been good for the neighborhood and are disappointed by this result. Hopefully everyone can move ahead from here toward our shared goals of building an even stronger community." And here is the rest of it.

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