Friday, April 17, 2009

Tuition Equity in Oregon

This is one of those issues that drives me nuts because of the misinformation and outright untruths that gets spewed from the woodwork.

Very specifically, Tuition Equity (HB 2939) does the following:

Tuition Equity is a policy that would allow students to pay in-state tuition at Oregon University System institutions as long as they fulfill the following requirements:

1.They have attended an Oregon high school for three years prior to graduation
2.They have graduated from an Oregon high school
3.They have been admitted to an Oregon University institution
4.They are working towards residency
*How hard is it for people to understand this? One of the most common arguments I hear against this bill has to do with "they broke the law, (keeping in mind we are talking about children here) make them go the legal route like the rest of us." Well guess what? They ARE going the legal route (see #4 above) which, by the way, can take years (up to 10).

All of this, regardless of documentation status.

What it won’t do:

1. Change eligibility for state-based financial aid

Another argument that I hear that is completely without truth or logic, is that we are giving folks a "discount" and should make them pay the higher price. Well guess what? They aren't paying anything to BEGIN WITH, because they can't AFFORD it. We aren't losing tuition here, we are GAINING it. Any attempt to say otherwise is an untruth, period.

I realize that this is a passionate issue and that I am likely to see an increase in comment traffic. I would ask folks to refer to the few policies I adhere to for comments. If you plan to rant about brown people and the "damage" they allegedly cause, don't bother. Aside from the fact that I won't tolerate it, it just makes you look sad.
And here is the rest of it.


Anonymous said...

#4, Illegal's can NOT get legal once here Illegaly. Pres. Clinton singed that into law in 1996.

Our Colleges are oveflowing, so which poor American or Legal immigrant will be denied admission via rewarding criminal parents?

Myth; Illegal's are doing jobs American won't do - so now Americans do not want a job that needs a College degree too?

And YES College tuition IS heavily subsidised via us Tax payers, so this will be a huge loss in revenue for our Schools, that are already raising fees becasue they are broke.

Why are Democrats trying so hard to make all of us Poor? Dependency on Government equals Job security for Union Gov't workers, that's why.

Proof? Only job growth this year are Gov't jobs. Hello?

Phil said...

"Anonymous" is the signature of a person who lacks the courage of his convictions--but, hey, it is the most popular name on the Internet.

Democrats trying to make all of us poor? Sorry, Republicans already did that.

"Myth; Illegal's are doing jobs American won't do . . ."

Right, Anonymous! Americans are lining up to work on farms, under brutal conditions, for low pay. I'll bet you work on a farm, don't you. Don't you?

Yes, the colleges are overcrowded, but the solution to that problem is to raise the intellectual bar for admission, not raise the price of admission.

HB 2939 is another brick in the foundation of an inclusive society, and I'm all for it.