Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Human Trafficking in Portland

From The Not For Sale Campaign:

Did you know that Portland Police identify at least 3-5 cases of human trafficking per week right here in Portland? Come find out how you can help in spreading awareness and fight this epidemic in our state.

“The Not For Sale Campaign” is pleased to announce that the Backyard College Abolitionist Tour is Coming to Portland on Saturday, February 21st from 7-9pm (doors open @ 6pm) @ The Red Sea Church 7535 N. Chicago St.

This gripping multimedia event brings together lecture, film and music to expose the truth about the 27 million individuals currently held in slavery today. Not For Sale founder, Dr. Dave Batstone and award-winning singer/songwriter, Brant Christopher Menswar will be together in Portland weaving songs into stories while being supported by riveting video; all in an effort to emotionally connect the audience with the global slave trade. It is a gripping night of heart breaking truth and inspirational victories.
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