Wednesday, November 12, 2008

What am I up to?

For those of you fascinated with what I might be up to, or completely at a loss due to my lack of posts (he he), go here:


And here is the rest of it.


Phil said...

So, you haven't been slacking, after all. Good! In fact, you seem to have become involved in a rather ambitious project. Let me be the first non-gay* supporter of the LGBTQ community to wish you great good luck and much success. Onward!

*Okay, I'm a lesbian who just happened to be born into a man's body; strictly an accident of birth, I assure you. But what else could that make me, besides sympathetic?

brenda said...

Its always interesting to find out what your up too. I already knew you were a fighter, so those people better watch out! lol Equal rights for all! Wish I could be a part of it.